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Community Summer Tennis Camps

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About the Program

Our Programs are recreation level designed to introduce basic skills, including but not limited to forehands, backhands, volleys, serves, and fundamentals of the game. We offer a wide range of fun games that motivate the students to become successful while learning proper technique.

At YYC Tennis our mission is to have fun, make new friends, develop an interest in sport and physical activity, and to enjoy game for the life, who knows your kid just might be the next pro!

Notice: ONLY Elbow Valley residents will be allowed to sign up for classes at Elbow Valley. If you do not live in Elbow Valley please do not register here, rather choose a different teaching location. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Signing up for a class is very simple in a few clicks. Choose the date and time that suits you, enter the number of children and the required information. After that, you will receive 2 emails. The first with instructions for payment, and the second for creating your account on the site. After that, you can go to the login page at any time, and view your chosen courses and possibly cancel, if necessary.

If the classes you want are full, you can join our waiting list. If a place becomes available, we will let you know as soon as possible.

We accept email money transfers only this year and in return you will recieve a record of your payment. You can email your payment to Shawna at tennis_any1@shaw.ca . Please note that your e-transfer holds your spot in the class. We are obliged to reserve a right to cancel a registration if it goes unpaid after two weeks from sign up to open space for new participants. If you had to cancel a class and have already paid please call us and we will ensure you are refunded. Classes cancelled within 48 hours of the start of the program for which you registered, or which go unattended, will not be refunded.

We have demo rackets that students may borrow and have the chance to purchase new rackets if they’d like. Your water bottle is a must. Balls will be supplied. We do recommend that children dress appropriately for running on the court and for the weather. Please ensure that your child has proper sun protection for sunny days and proper attire. When it is warmer a pair of shorts and a T-shirt will work well. If it is cooler a light jacket and possibly a pair of sweats to pull on would be good to consider. It can get hot on the court, especially for those who are participating in 90 minute classes. 

We therefore also recommend that children bring something to drink to maintain hydration. A good pair of court shoes are also a must. Shoes with high edge or elevated soles should be avoided because they are prone to rolling and ankle sprains can occur. If you would like to purchase tennis equipment please have a look at some of the items offered in our online store. We will have these available for purchase at the class and a proper racquet sizing consultation can be done for you or your child. Many of the items we offer are specialty items that cannot be found in local stores, like green-dot balls and foam balls. Ask us about what will work best for you or your child’s particular skill level.

Outdoor programs are unfortunately subject to the dictates of mother nature. Most times Calgary affords terrific weather for summer and fall outdoor tennis programs. However, sometimes it does rain and we will need to cancel or postpone a class. Although it is rare, this can also be necessary when there are unusually high winds.

If you see that it is raining outside and the streets and pavement are wet it is virually certain that you will not need to attend class that day. Water ruins tennis balls and racket strings, so even if it is not raining we may need to cancel if the court is wet. If we do need to issue a weather advisory we will post a notice at the top of the home page to let you know the status of classes on days when it is questionable as to whether or not your class will run. These notices can often be short notice, so it will be your responsibility to check the site regularly. We always try to run the class if we think there is a chance. Sometimes it is necessary for us to actually go to the court to determine whether or not it is suitable for play and we may not know right up until your class begins. This is why notices can be short.

Unfortunately you may even get to the court and your class will be cancelled at the last minute without notice. This does not happen that often but Calgary weather is such that it can be sunny in one part of the city and raining in another. Unfortunately sometimes it is impossible to determine whether a class will run until we actually see the court. In the event that a class is cancelled it will be made up on the weekend the same week the class is running at the exact same time and in the same location. If you are rained out twice during the week then both Saturday and Sunday will have make-up classes. If you are rained out twice in a week and we are unable to make up classes on Saturday and/or Sunday due to weather your program will be pro-rated for you and we will issue you a partial refund. Unfortunately we are unable to refund or pro-rate missed classes for no-shows or late cancellations.

There are several ways that you as a parent can particpate. If your children are younger they may prefer to have you stay and watch. Some of our locations have seating available, others do not. You may want to bring a lawn chair and a beverage and settle in for the time your child is on the court. They love to have your approval and your presence, so please feel free to support them by staying to watch and cheer them on. Unfortunately we do not allow parents on the court, however we do have equipment for adults and different kinds of tennis balls for specific levels of play that you can purchase to practice with your child throughout the summer.

Tennis is an awesome family game and a great form of exercise that is disquised entirely as FUN. We encourage you to practice with them any chance you get. There are an abundance of public courts throughout Calgary that are well-maintained and completely free to play on. If your child enjoys the program you may want to consider enrolling in more than one set of classes, as many parents do. We also encourage you to tell your friends and neighbors about the program, as many children love being in classes with friends or other children they know. This gives them practice partners outside of class!

FUN DAY is our end of year wrap-up. It is a morning when all of the students from all of the classes that have been running throughout the summer in all of the communites can get together for an hour of fun. There are prizes, food, games and a ton of fun organized as a thank you to you for your participation. There is one time-slot from 10-11am for middle aged students and one from 11-Noon for the older teens.

To participate all you need to do is register for the FUN DAY, and we encourage you to do so as soon as you can. FUN DAY is held at the Citadel location in the N.W. on the last Saturday of the summer. To register, simply click on the FUN DAY event and find the time-slot specified for your child’s age. There is a nominal fee to cover costs of prizes and food as well as the court rental fees, you can email your payment to Shawna at tennis_any1@shaw.ca

By registering for any of the classes we offer, you certify that you have read and accept all of the above terms. We are extremely grateful for the privilege of serving you and look forward to interacting with you over the summer. Thank you for choosing the YYC Tennis Academy. We are eager to see you on the courts!

Jr. Sized Wilson Rackets will be made available for purchase on first day of each week.